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Inspiring Communities

Inspiring Communities is a collaboration with key stakeholders to develop a community-led approach to enhancing the lives of Breckland residents.

Explore Inspiring Communities on our website:


Welfare Officers:

Support individuals and families who are experiencing hardship or low-level issues which are affecting their well-being.

01362 656870


Community Enablers:

Work closely with community groups, and town and parish councils to develop community-led activity.


Social Prescribing:

Holistic support to residents experiencing non-clinical issues that affect their well-being.


Family Action are based at Swaffham Community Centre The Campingland, PE37 7RB

They have Social Prescribers serving both the Swaffham & Litcham Surgeries. Residents can request a referral to Social Prescribers through their GP Receptionist.

Fransham Parish Council

receives Quality

Council award.



Fransham Parish Council has been awarded the Local Council Quality Award.  Receiving the award, Vice Chairman Russell James said the “this is part of Government’s localism agenda, confirming their view that parish council’s have an important role to play in the local community, which is good to know. When I did this before, it also gave us greater standing with the principal authorities which worked well in getting things done and I hope the same will apply to us. Finally, the fact that we achieved this award is down to the incredibly hard work put in by our Clerk, Sheryl, so please join me in thanking her for working studiously through all the paperwork to get us to where we wanted to be, Thank you Sheryl.”

The scheme gives the council greater credibility.  In addition to being able to demonstrate to the local community that the necessary standards are being met, Quality Councils should be in a better position to influence the decision-making process at the next tier and, where appropriate, take on additional services and areas of responsibility from their principal authorities.  This benefits the local community, the parish council itself and the principal authority by promoting confidence, ensuring effective communication and making sure that all are working together with a common aim.

In a message to the council, Chairman Richard Watts said the idea was put to me by our vice chair who had helped another parish to obtain quality status in the past, and I could immediately see the benefits, in particular greater standing with the district and county councils.  The normal route is to obtain intermediate accreditation at a foundation level and then move on later to full accreditation.  However, as we already met many of the requirements the council decided to go straight in at the full quality level and I’m pleased to say that we have been successful. 

The award was presented at the most recent meeting of the Parish Council by Gabbie Joyce  of the Norfolk Association for Local Councils.

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A47 Improvements

Two of the suggestions raised in the village survey are being taken forward and the Parish Council is engaging with National Highways for a pedestrian crossing to be installed on the A47 and  the pavement from Spicer’s Corner extended to meet up with the public footpath. It is hoped that funding for feasibility studies will be secured during 2024/25.

National Highways attended a meeting of the Parish Council and presented the document below which sets out the improvements being made between Necton and Fransham on the A47 to improve highway safety.

Little Fransham Presentation

VE Day Celebrations 2020

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